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Why Did I Attempt a Raw Food Diet as a Runner?

One of the biggest questions asked was why I felt the need to do the raw food diet. For those of you who think it is the most strange, absurd decision anyone could make, for someone who was battling an eating disorder, it might make “a lot of sense.” It all depends on perspective, what […]


Raw Food Journal Entry 6

April 20, 2011 These past few days I haven’t bothered to write down everything because it’s been pretty consistent, with no major new things to record. Just eatin’ my fruits and veggies! Yesterday was fantastic because Wege had a salad of avocado and spinach. I might have over-done it on the avocado (I should watch […]


Raw Food Journal 5: Racing Raw

April 16, 2011 I ran the 1500m and the 800m today. My races were pitiful to say the least. I felt drained. I don’t think it’s from the food–I’ve gotten very little sleep throughout the week, I stood for hours in the cold Thursday night at the high school track meet, I’ve been stressed with […]


Raw Food Journal Entries 3 & 4

April 14, 2011 I think this was my best raw food day yet. Breakfast: I tried out the flax seeds for the first time! I felt proud of myself when I used the coffee grinder to grind them. What an amazing tool. Shows how advanced I am in my food preparation skills…. I created my […]


Raw Food Journal Entry 2

April 12, 2011 Mood: This diet is new, so it’s exciting for me! Breakfast: 4 plums, banana, orange, Raw organic fiber bar, Larabar Today is the day I can test what the raw food will do for my stomach during the workout. We have a 12x400m workout on the track and a few weeks ago […]