Emily Kopacz

Emily Kopacz graduated from Saint Michael’s College with a BA in English and minor in Music. She ran for the women’s college cross country team and was a SAAC representative. Emily is pursuing a career in mental health and currently works as a paraprofessional at Colchester Middle School. In her free time, Emily discusses her personal experiences surrounding mental health on her blog at https://littlgrasshoppr.blogspot.com. You can follow her on instagram: @littlgrasshoppr.

Jeremy Fofrich

Jeremy Fofrich is advocate for those who need a voice. Jeremy has worked professionally in the nonprofit sector for the last decade, specializing in mental health and Substance Abuse. Jeremy started a personal blog in 2023 to give hope to men who struggle with eating disorders. Runner1of5.com

David Stansbury

David currently attends Anderson University, where he study exercise science with minors in psychology and nutrition. He run on the cross country and track team. David wants to become an occupational therapist and work in nutrition, and help other young men who have struggled with eating disorders to remind them that there is hope. Instagram: @davidmstansbury

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