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“You Can Never Have An Eating Disorder That Isn’t ‘Serious Enough'”: Charmaine’s Copenhagen Marathon Fundraiser and Reflections

Charmaine is an undergraduate at the University of Bristol reading International Social and Public Policy. When she’s not running, you can probably find her in climbing gyms, the mountains or some corner of Bristol. If she’s not outdoors, she’s probably cooped up with a book about the human condition, a social issue or someone’s adventure. […]

A Letter to Younger Me (Guest Post)

This post was submitted by a runner who would like to remain anonymous. Her letter speaks not only to a younger version of herself, but perhaps also to others who are going through similar circumstances with disordered eating and injuries. Dear Younger Me, I know right now you are thinking, does it get better? You […]

Is it Appropriate for Coaches to Weigh Pole Vaulters? Dr. Quatromoni Q&A

In this Q&A series, Dr. Paula Quatromoni (DSc, RD) answers some of the biggest questions coaches and athletic staff have to better prevent and assist athletes who may be struggling with eating disorders. Q: Is it appropriate for coaches to weigh pole vaulters for equipment safety reasons? PQ: Yes, the weighing protocol specific to pole […]

5 Things Coaches Should Avoid Saying to Adolescent Athletes

By: Amanda Feldman  Amanda Feldman is a graduate student in Boston University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program pursuing her RDN credential with a special interest in sports nutrition and eating disorders. Outside of the classroom, she is a high school Varsity Softball and Cross Country coach at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA, where she […]

Kamila Valieva’s Tragedy is Not An Isolated Incident

Guest Post By Matt Stranberg Matt Stranberg, MS RDN LDN CSSD CSCS is a Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science Specialist helping athletes and non-athletes improve their relationship to food and exercise. To learn more visit: https://www.mattstranbergconsulting.com/ Follow Matt on instagram: @matt_stranberg_consulting Olympic trials have always had their fair share of controversies and dramas, dating back […]

What I Learned as a Collegiate Runner Majoring in Dietetics (Guest Post by Maggie Farrell) Part 3

Read Part 1 of Maggie’s Journey here. Read Part 2 of Maggie’s Journey here. Donate to her Running in Silence marathon journey fundraiser here! Maggie will be running the Austin Marathon THIS Sunday representing Running in Silence. Since I wrote my initial blog post for Running in Silence, I have had several people ask me, “Why did […]