I need YOU

Okay, so I can’t abandon this blog.

I need your help; I’m trying to take this to the next level. What are your biggest questions about eating disorders or diets in general? Do you have specific questions about what you have read so far on this website?

I want to keep you all connected as I put my project together and I want to keep you updated without giving too much away. Please post any suggestions, comments, etc, and maybe we can dive into these topics and my perspective for a few posts here and there. What are your input or thoughts?

Are any of you willing to comment/email me to share your story on here anonymously? We can make it into something to post on this blog to give another voice, to show another perspective. What is your story? Can I help you tell it? If you live near me and we know each other, please let me know if you would like to meet up to talk. Or if you are further away, email could work too of course.

Basically, we can make this blog into anything we want now under the topic of eating, diets, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, others’ experiences . . . all of you who have helped me so far, please tell me what to do to help me help you. I would not have gotten this far in my journey without you. As I continue to recover I remind myself that I must “create the perfect ending” for my story. It keeps me going, keeps me wanting to jump to the next level in recovery. Your support and readership keeps me wanting to end things right and move on in life when I feel the most stuck.

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  1. Former D3 Runner
    Former D3 Runner says:

    I just want to know what diet worked best for you as a runner. What made you feel the best. Obviously all raw wasn’t it.

    Personally, I probably did my best on a diet of mostly oatmeal, peanut butter sandwiches, and animal crackers. Was it “healthy”? Probably not. But that’s what I ran best on.

    • rachael
      rachael says:

      Awesome, great question. I was thinking about posting about that soon, so I probably will now! :)

  2. 123
    123 says:

    I would like to see more of your feelings and insights about the “why I need to do this diet”. I think everyone who suffered from some sort of addictions/tendencies can somewhat relate to this. Even though running was your primary goal, when it became evident that the diet was detrimental to running it still pulled you back in. Why do you think it still gripped you even when you knew it wasn’t the direction you wanted to go? Smokers go for the pack even though they know they want to live a long healthier life. Why do you think this is and what strategies really helped you to break the mindset? I hope I have been clear in my questions, I’ll admit I am not exactly sure how to convey what I wan to ask.

    • rachael
      rachael says:

      Another great question, thank you! This is great…I plan on posting about this eventually as well.

  3. i Swim
    i Swim says:

    I have really appreciated your posts! You have a true gift in writing! My story is SOOOOO similar to yours, but the bulk of my ED story happened 5-10 years ago, so i am (somewhat) past it (kinda/maybe). I’ve never put my story into words, but would be willing to share more if it would help you or anyone reading. Is there a way to contact you other than publicly commenting?

  4. elizabeth
    elizabeth says:

    I think you should publish your blog/journal material in book form, Go Ask Alice style. But sharing your story is so wonderful and helpful, I can’t tell you how much I relate and how glad I am to have discovered this blog. I relate so much, and I had thought I was alone in a lot of my feelings; my eating disorder is not really typical, either. But you are truly gifted and I hope you will continue to seek God’s guidance in pursuit of health and happiness, as well as in the next step for your project! :)

    • rachael
      rachael says:

      Cool, I just googled “Go Ask Alice” since I had never heard of it before. I will definitely read the book to get more familiar with that, it looks similar to what I’ll be doing!
      Thanks for your kind words, I hope you continue to find health and happiness as well! :)

  5. Former collegiate runner
    Former collegiate runner says:

    I love what you’re doing with your blog. And I also think you should do what you feel is best in terms of moving forward with your writing :) I guess like most people, I would like to see what you’re doing now in terms of eating and running and if you find that it is an improvement from what you were doing in the past. How are your running performances going now? Are you happy/at peace with where you’re at? What do you wish were different?
    Also, how much longer do you have running in college? Do you plan to pursue competitive running after college or plan to take a break from the routine? I found that taking a break from the competitive routine was soooo helpful to me with dealing with my disordered eating. I still run though, but it’s mostly for the fun social aspect and to stay active. Anyway, hope to see more entries soon ^_^

  6. Hemming
    Hemming says:

    I would like to know what ultimately made you change the way you think about food and if you did any specific things after that, like going on vacation etc.

    I have experienced a couple of ‘epiphanies’ where I just broke down in tears and moved a little further but still missing that ultimate breakthrough. Just curious how it has been for you.

    Good luck on the project. I hope you’ll be able to reach out to some people and help them get through this dreadful disease.

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